What is Life Coaching?

by Laura

I empower people of all ages to discover their projected self; by utilizing tools and action plans. These tools and developed plan will help develop each persons knowledge of who they are; what they want in life and how this "Vision" will make them successful. The individual will make it happen through my guidance!


Life is a journey and to succeed is to develop and transform YOU! For many years of playing and coaching sports, I have learned to listen to all persons, but especially younger people (or those persons of any age searching for themselves), and have been blessed to help them develop their authentic self! Instead of saying "Life is a challenge"....I say "Life is a game." This is because you make mistakes, compete and face public praise as well as criticism in a game! Then, you must adapt, change, improve and become more skilled to win! As a Life Coach and Public Speaker I promote and guide you with tools that help in, becoming the better YOU!‚Äč

All life coaching programs include:

  • Homework assignments
  • Follow-up sessions
  • On-going email support
  • In session activities
  • Recommended readings
  • Detailed goals that you will develop through my guidance