Coaching Couples

I’m very interested in couples coaching. However, not just when there are “issues.” In other words, I currently have 2 couples as Clients. They each want life coaching for different reasons. Couple #1 has decided that with their first child on the way, they will expect a different lifestyle. So, they wish to be proactive in making sure they are ready to communicate as a parent and to also, keep the marriage intimacy alive and having great communications. They want to provide a caring and nurturing environment for each other and their child.

Couple #2 are not married. They have decided to live together before marriage. Thus, they too know that living together, is different for their relationship and want to assure that they have communication and respect skills that are needed to live together 24/7. Both sets of parents are not entirely happy with the “living together” but acknowledge that if they are seeking life coaching, they are being responsible.

Since doing life coaching with couples, I have developed many activities that have worked, no matter the issues and/or direction the couple want to take their relationship. This is because, we all need guidance or reminders about how we make sure there is mutual respect for another person, what communication skills are needed for courtesy, intimacy and individuality. And, how we decide on a time plan to incorporate the skills in our daily lives.

Right now, I start with having the couple pay for 4 sessions at a special price of $160.00 until June 2020. These sessions are 90 minutes long and the first session, I meet with each person by themselves for 45 minutes. I explain to them what will happen during the next session, when they are together.

Again, my approach with a couple is interactive and I guide them to make decisions on how they should treat each other and what issues they will work on, once the sessions are completed.

I love life coaching and couples coaching is exciting because I’m happy that people recognize the need to develop skills for an ongoing and lasting relationship.