Set Goals and Make Them

Reach your sports and fitness goals with a personal coach in Laramie and Cheyenne, WY

Do you want to improve your performance as an athlete? Do you need help getting motivated to reach your goals? Get the support you need with professional coaching.

During your 30-minute consultation, we'll discuss your goals and previous sports and exercise experience. This information will help me curate your fitness plan so you can effectively meet your goals. Reach out to me today to get started.

My experience will help shape your trajectory

For over 35 years, I've been in the sport-coaching arena. I was in college coaching for most of my career while the remainder in higher education. I also coached AAU (Amateur Athletic Union) basketball.

Furthermore, I coached basketball, volleyball and softball camps. I am very good at teaching each sports concepts and fundamentals. In addition, I am very good at physical training for proper physical fitness for people that want better health and within their desired sport.

My fees for sport coaching would be a packaged deal dependent upon training needs and frequency.

To see how I can help you meet your goals, please call 307-314-9792. I am eager to help clients with beginner to intermediate experience.