A life coach for any age, career and transitional point in life.

At any point in life you don't know what you don't know because of perspective, experience and more. Laura's keen observation, inquiry and genuine human kindness yield insights to your abilities, psyche, fears, and obstacles to help you to excel in ways that are within your reach when you are aware, supported and identify a path forward.
I have grown into the no nonsense business woman that I am with the encouragement, love and support that she has always shared with me.
She has been the voice (think life coach) in my head saying you can help them do better as I see things in my unique perspective.
Thanks for boosting my confidence in being me when I was uncertain. I am forever grateful.

Lisa T

"While I was being coached it was a great experience. I think people will benefit from a life coach. You will learn a lot of life lessons and will be pleased with the progress you made. You will get help academically, mentally, and even physically. There are many things that you will get assistance with. For example time management, budgeting, academic progress and much much more. You will be pleased with the results. It will make you be the best you that you can be! And who wouldn't want that?"


"Thank you to Laura and her help as a life coach. She's helped me focus on tasks that move me toward the future."


"Laura has helped me build relationships with co-workers, spouse and my children! I also like that if she feels (or I feel) that I no longer need life coaching for awhile; come back after working on the goals. Most people will keep taking your money each week even though you just need to take action with what you were taught!"


"Laura is the reason I started working in this country. She built my self confidence, taught me how to face my fears and made me feel worthy. She is a perfect person to be a life coach. I am so thankful to god for bringing her in my life. I have watched her uplifting many others like me. Thanks Laura for all your help."


"Laura has been an inspiration to me since I was 11 years old. She has mentored and coached me through life's many journeys. She has motivated me to become an inspiration to others. Her positivity and 'can-do' outlook on life is the reason people gravitate to her, seeking her advice and playing it forward. I challenge you to give Laura a shot, you won't be disappointed nor will you leave empty handed."


"I've known and worked closely with Laura for the last four years and am impressed with her abilities to develop creative solutions to everyday issues. Her training as a Life Coach really shows; at the same time, she is a great believer in speaking from the heart. Laura is professional and personable."


"Laura has always been a great mentor for me. I was fortunate to meet her in high school have a head start over my classmates. She is still supportive of those around her and made sacrifices to ensure everyone has a fair opportunity to be successful."

Coach Riggs

"Laura is a great mentor for anyone at any age. She is caring, personable, organized, and would be an asset for anyone looking for a life coach. I would recommend her 100%."


"Laura Pollard's integrity, life experiences, and dedication make her an excellent life coach. Her ability to "hear" as well as "listen" creates an atmosphere conducive to learning and growth. For these qualities, we strongly recommend Laura."


"When I went to Life coach for you I do a lot better in my academics. I was better at managing my time and I felt relief after I went to her. I had a great experience. Not only was I helped with academics I was also helped with the other things not academic. I suggest life coach for you."


"I've known Laura for many years. I appreciated her ability to know and relay the message I needed to hear that guided me in the right direction. Forever grateful. Highly recommend!"


"Laura is a wonderful woman with years of experience helping people move forward and achieve their goals. She is thoughtful and has a valuable perspective on life's challenges."