What's Happening?

Is it okay, to break a promise??  Well I have.  In other words, I was going to post a blog weekly.  I will not give excuses but I will tell you where I have been.  You see in order to pay bills and provide more "cash on hand" for health issues (hubby's); and, my costs for gym fitness payments-I clean homes in addition to my full time job.  Boy, have I been cleaning homes.  Besides 5 full time people, I added some one timers-spring cleaning and more....I love cleaning-really I do!  But, I'm also trying to get out and set up times to meet people and talk about my life coaching business.  I have shared my knowledge at Cathedral Home in wellness sessions; and those that have participated have been able to utilize my information.  For example, I have a prioritization sheet that is easy to understand and helps when making a time management plan.  You cannot get this sheet or its' concepts anywhere else.  Which leaves me the reason for this Blog.  Not only am I trained, educated and ready to lead and guide people in their life goals and to become their authentic self.  I have my own tools and plans to help with the journey-YOU cannot get this information anywhere else.  So, I encourage all who I know that are in need for a Life Coach to set up a session now!  !5% off your first session and a FREE 1/2 hour consultation!

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