When did I know I wanted to be a life coach?

I'm challenged every day with my body's digestive issues.  I start a new diet or add things, such as probiotics and enzymes to my foods.  After about 1 week to 10 days I still have the problem; my stomach will bloat.  Recently, I started to drink Turmuric tea after each meal.  It was working!!!  And then, on day 9 my stomach bloated up enough to look like I was 3 months pregnant (and we know that cannot happen).  I'm not sure what to do and even though not a chronic illness it could lead to one.  So, I will continue to research, document, ask doctors and stay positive.  It feels so good when my stomach is not bloated.  Thus, I am determined to kick this issue!  In the mean time, I have learned to let go and discuss with friends and my hubby is a constant help-he's the cook and does a great job of cooking foods I can eat.  This journey has been long and it's not over; however, I feel if I can help myself, I can help others with their mental and physical issues.  If you visit with me about your issues of any kind, I will guide you to use all resources and tools to make your journey a successful one.