When Did I Know I Wanted To Be A Life Coach?

I find it challenging that I am in an interracial marriage and have to explain the anger I have felt at times because of the racist remarks or discrimination towards me or my husband, through the years. Indeed, going on 30 years of marriage and still we encounter these events. And now, that the rest of the world is speaking up about not just black lives but overall injustices in the world, people still have a hard time listening?? I feel I do a great job of seeing others points of view and I want and deserve the same respect. I wanted to be a life coach because I've had many worldly experiences that can help people think and make decisions about how they want to live their lives?? I'm never trying to fix someone and I do listen-its my job as a life coach. When you take the opportunity to listen to people, especially if you do not agree with all of their beliefs, you build a relationship of compromise, trust and valued experiences. You learn about them. You can feel sympathy and empathy for their life experiences. So, in this unrest, talk to someone of a different race, culture or socioeconomic status-NO, really talk and then, LISTEN. I'm here for people and hope that I will get clients that need help building the self-respect they need to be the best that they can be regardless of their skin color, culture, sex etc.etc.