when did I know I wanted to be a life coach?

Yesterday, I had a parent visit me about meeting with their teenager.  I was so thrilled to know that word of mouth is working; as I'm not the best at social media advertising for my life coaching business.  The meeting went well.  I was happy to get an understanding that parents are aware that they cannot be the sole mentor to their children.  To have someone else that is trained not to be a parent but consult with your child is a positive benefit. I have been in the sport coaching business for a long time, but I love and can work with all children, not just student-athlete's.  In fact, the student-athlete, the students in clubs and ones that have jobs probably have someone they can speak with-they have a bigger inner circle.  So, I'm excited to get students that need guidance no matter what it is that they are involved in; or not involved at all.  Children have thoughts and goals and ideas that do not always get recognized, even by their peers.  Adolescents do not always know the direction they want to go in life, or how to communicate with parents, peers or anyone in their inner circle.  Thus, this is what I am here for!  To guide adolescents of any age to become their authentic self.  Call today - 307-314-9792!

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