When did I know I wanted to be a life coach?

Growing up I was an "old soul."  My parents (Aunt and Uncle that raised me) owned a bar and restaurant.  My Dad and Grandpa lived in the back of the establishment so I saw them both on a regular basis.  My biological parents married and divorced 2 times!  So, I just grew up fast and was very mature by the time I got into high school.  I had what later I learned "emotional intelligence."  I was always concerned about a persons feelings?  There were 2 older ladies that lived next to us on my street.  I visited them almost every day.  I learned a lot about history just listening to their stories.  They both had been teachers and were sisters.  Neither married.  They told me that in their era, if you were a "working woman" it was frowned upon to be married and also work.  They also liked to travel so I learned a lot about different countries and states.  Then, one day I went by the house and no one was home.  I found out later that night that they both had passed away?  It seems they both acquired Pneumonia and had passed away the same day.  I was very sad but they had prepared me for their death.  This is because they would talk about the beauty of making a life of purpose and when that purpose is fulfilled, they would be with the Lord.  When you have a purpose in Life, it is rewarding.