When did I know I wanted to be a life coach?

Just last night I sat with a friend who was in a marketing business.  I bought a product from her as I like the products she has in her business.  I started to discuss with her how I had been in Amway and that selling my life coaching business is different than selling products. I would not give advice entirely if I were her Life Coach but this was not a session; I had been wanting to help her for awhile.  Truly, she loved her product line and also wanted to become financially free.  Thus, I took the opportunity to tell her that she needed to be more of a "salesperson."  This is because I have been interested in some of her products in the past, but didn't feel she was really trying to sell.  She has the people skills and she's passionate about her business; however, you have to sell when you have products.  Basically, I gave her examples of how to be herself and show passion and still sell.  She was listening intently but I decided to say "I'm talking too much and hope you are not offended by my critique.  She then said "No I want the feedback, I've known what you are saying all along but needed to hear it."  "You are amazing I feel, so do I owe you for this  session (hahaha)." I felt so good because the subject of this conversation was my life experience-sales in Amway; which gave me this opportunity to be a Life Coach.  I love guiding people to use (in this case) their authentic self but to not be afraid to do what is needed when you have a business with products-which is to sell.  Then she offered to tell a friend that she felt needed a life coaching session with me-WOW how great for me.  WE both walked away from a conversation that helped us both.  I advertise, write blogs and have been doing events to raise awareness to what a Life Coach can do for people.  But, I know I have to engage with people so they know what a Life Coach is; and I am a Life Coach.  I have a lot of insight into "Life!"  I am certified and have over 400 hours of training.  As a life time teacher, instructor and  sport coach I know that I can help a person with reaching their authentic self.  Call me today and schedule your 1/2 hour free consultation at 307-314-9792.