When did I know I wanted to be a life coach?

Just today, as I was preparing for a job interview; my friend said "you need to offer resume writing, job interview skills and how to prepare for an interview, in your life coaching business?" As I perused a short portfolio that I will be submitting to the potential employer, I thought I have written soooooo many cover letters (or as called today-Letter of Interest); changed my resume so that it would highlight applicable experience for the job, and looked up future employment information about the future employer.  Indeed, I have been through a lot of interviews and my friend is right-I have the experience of doing all the preparation.  I have gotten quite a few jobs and internships and "other" that needed this preparation.  I have also been turned down for many positions.  Needless to say, it is very important to pick yourself back up and note: "I did prepare, I did do my best!"  So yes, I can help anyone that needs an understanding of how to prepare for a job interview.  And, also how to deal with rejection.  Furthermore, how to evaluate and learn from not being able to get the job you want, or to understand which variables in the interview process, that you can control and those you cannot!  #resumebuilding #interviewperformance  #bethebestyou  #lifecoaching