When did I know I wanted to be a Life Coach?

Each first year when taking over as a Head Coach for sports; I took a lot of time to get to know my players and coaches. I was and continued to be confident that to develop “team” you must understand each team members goals and reason they are playing the sport? True, they are usually an athlete and have physical abilities to perform the fundamentals of the sport. But I became surprised through the years when they were not always playing because they loved the sport! You would too, be surprised that most players play because they love the sport but don’t know all the reasons they play? They play for emotional reasons too-to make or keep a friend for example. To please a parent or to keep up with siblings. So, when I would meet individually with players; I wanted to know their dreams-or other things in life that they loved. One time I had a player that was playing to please her Dad! But some things happened with their relationship because she felt Dad pushed too hard and so-she put her heart and soul into basketball because she had found a team of friends! Ends up she fell in love with basketball After all?? Indeed, for this young lady -she needed to discover what she liked about basketball-her friends but most of all when left alone/she discovered herself! In her senior year she was confident in herself and her Dad sat back while she blossomed; their relationship was the best ever!